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Spring Council 2015

Lady Day Service

& Spring Council 2015

Members were welcomed by Rev Drew Sheridan to St John the Evangelist, Greenock on Saturday 21st March.  While other commitments prevented Drew being present for most of Council, his team of Isabel Cameron, Irene Forbes, Irene and Ted Pollard, Margaret Hanley and Fraser the organist provided us with a warm welcome and wonderful hospitality.


Rev Lucy Ireland, our Chaplain in her first address to members at Autumn Council 2014 spoke of the necessity for all parts of Mothers’ Union to work in unison, in order to be effective.    All parts equal, all parts respectful, all parts following the example of Jesus, as near as humanly possible.


The service to celebrate our old and new Link Dioceses with whom we are united in prayer was a wonderful example of all parts of Mothers’ Union working in unison – for any omissions – I offer my apologies. You can see an edited version of the presentations in the video below.

















Lucy prepared the service and led our worship which included prayer resources from Mary Sumner House, the Overseas team who allocated our new links, the information about the links, the information and message from our new link partners, the team at Greenock who made us feel so welcome and so at home, Isabel who read the lesson, the G&G trustees who prepared slides and spoke on behalf of our new links, Sue who prepared their messages and led prayers, Paul who recorded the video you see above so that we can share with our links and with those who were unable to attend, Selina who joined Mothers’ Union and everyone present in the congregation, Gift Aided collection for Overseas Development. Members left Council with their self-made bookmarks with prayers and ribbons representing our new link partners, thanks to Lesley and Sue.


It was an experience where members were united in prayer and united as members of a Christian Organisation.  The love of God, unconditional and everlasting sustains, nurtures and inspires.  Thanks be to God    


Ann x


More photos from the service and meeting...


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