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We have a close association with the Scottish Episcopal Church.  The majority of our members have joined branches that meet regularly in their local Scottish Episcopal Church.  These churches are organised into dioceses with a bishop who is their chief pastor.  For more information about the dioceses and the branches in each diocese, please visit our dioceses page.




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Our former Provincial President, Jean Richardson (left)

with her predecessor Hilary Moran

While in the past and for many today, Branch meetings form an important part of members' lives, we recognise that many are unable to come to meetings so we also offer Diocesan membership.  This type of membership enables people to support the special ethics of  the Mothers’ Union without being associated with a particular branch.  Diocesan members are encouraged to meet with others at a special service on Lady Day (Feast of the Annunciation - 25th March) and to hear speakers on relevant subjects.

We also have indoor members who are physically unable to attend meetings, but may be either branch or diocesan members.


Membership is available to all baptised Christians who support the Aims and Objectives of the Mothers’ Union.


On joining you will be offered opportunities to



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Go along to one of the branch meetings (look up your Diocese and find details of diocesan contacts and branches) or contact Scottish Provincial Trustees.


You can contact them by clicking here...




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