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Glasgow and Galloway 2010

Margaret Douglas RIP


The funeral of Margaret Douglas took place on Monday 6th December 2010 in Kilmarnock.   Margaret's husband Rev Peter Douglas, our Diocesan Chaplain, led the service with great dignity saying it was the last thing he could do for his dear wife.


The service, a celebration of Margaret's life, contained many moments of humour as Peter related Margaret's penchant for bread making, entertaining and knitting.


A friend of Margaret's spoke of Margaret's talent of letter writing extending to writing some pertaining to be from the cat! Margaret's last advice to her friend was 'give God a chance'.


We pray that Margaret rests in peace and rises in glory.    

We pray for Peter as he grieves the loss of his dear wife.



Interfaith Exhibition on Domestic Abuse

Shoes signifying life journeys form the exhibition held at Paisley Abbey in early December 2010.  It was is based on an earlier YWCA project where 104 pairs of shoes represented the two women who die each week from domestic abuse in the UK .


More photos and details...


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Contact Person: Ann Glenesk,

Mothers’ Union Diocesan President, Glasgow & Galloway,

Diocesan Office, 5 St Vincent Place, Glasgow G1 2DH



Rainbow Day

The Revd Anne Tomlinson has written about “a fabulous early afternoon service”  organised by the Mothers’ Union on 25th November 2010 in St Mary’s Cathedral, Glasgow. She said, “Entitled 'Service to Lay the Issue of Domestic Violence before God', it did exactly that - through scripture, drama, silence, song, prayer and enacted intercession. The photograph shows the weaving together of our shared prayer, each petition/thanksgiving symbolised by a strip of cloth, laid down silently by each person present.”


To read the full article, please click here.



Autumn Council 2010

Members from all over the diocese arriving at All Saints were welcomed by Bearsden branch members who provided everyone with tea and coffee, before the worship and the meeting.  


It was a great opportunity for members to get together to build relationships and to hear about what is happening in the Curch of Sweden and in Drumchapel.


Click here for the full report and photos....



Commercialisation and Sexualisation of Young People


The society we live in can be judged by how individuals treat one another and by how individuals are treated by those with power and authority.   




Mother's Union recently launched the above campaign to raise awareness and suggest positive actions to reduce the negative impact of commercialisation on the lives of children.


Click here for full report...



Violence and the Family


The members of Mother's Union, Scotland, whose vision is of a world where God's love is shown through loving, respectful and flourishing relationships are supporting bills due to be debated at the Scottish parliament, in the autumn.  The aim of the proposed legislation will be to reduce violence in the family.  More....



A New Chaplain for Mother's Union

The Rev Peter Douglas was commissioned by +Gregor as the chaplain to Mother's Union, Glasgow & Galloway Diocese at the Dedication Service in Holy Trinity, Kilmarnock on Sunday 8th August.


The photograph above shows +Gregor, Peter, wearing his Mother's Union stole, Peter's wife Margaret, seated at the front, Susan Groves who was commissioned as Faith & Policy coordinator, Ann Glenesk the Diocesan President and most of the members in attendance who travelled from various parts including Helensburgh, Ardrossan, Ayr and Glasgow.


Mother's Union extends a warm welcome to Peter with the hope that as we journey together we will all grow spiritually through the love of God.



Festival Service


Holy Trinity, Ayr, 15th May 2010


The members and friends of the Ayr branch of the Mothers' Union did Glasgow and Galloway proud on Saturday, 15th May.  The Festival service was greatly appreciated by everyone thanks in no small part to the welcome, cooperation, hospitality and spirituality extended to us all by the people of Ayr.  Thank you one and all!  


Full report and photos...



Mothers' Union Parenting Group

in Maryhill

Heart for the City is a Christian Charity, with a vision of restoring and transforming cities, for the Glory of God. The Glasgow International Christian Church is the local church arm of Heart for the City, largely composed of relatively recent immigrants from various parts of Africa and India. There are many families, and Mothers’ Union members.  


Hearing that Mothers’ Union offers parenting groups, the members asked if a facilitator could come and help them explore their parenting and discuss their problems.  I was lucky enough to be chosen; lucky because this was a group of enthusiastic mums, who approached the meetings eager to explore ideas and techniques, ready to share their experiences and advice. We discussed when to allow children to go to the park on their own, how to ensure that the rules your family sets are adhered to and how to persuade boys to eat vegetables, (answer: develop great acting skills, lick your fingers and shriek with delight as you prepare a salad!)  I was helped  on a couple of occasions by Enid Scobie and Hilary Moran.


We met for seven Tuesday mornings, the presence of several small children—without exception gorgeous—only adding to the positive atmosphere.  There was a final session with the dads (always more nerve-wracking than all the previous sessions put together!) where Hilary and I were met with great courtesy and rapt attention, and some very perspicacious questions.  Since most parenting groups are attended by only one parent, a session for partners, briefly covering the main topics discussed, is invaluable, as one of the recurrent themes of all parenting advice is consistency.  Overall, it was a very positive experience for me, and I received not only sincere thanks, but also the promise of another group to meet with after Easter.

Ann Cook


Ann Cook is one of four trained parenting facilitators in and around the Glasgow area. If you are interested to join such a group and share parenting experiences please contact


Click here for more from Heart for the City Branch.



Campaign for Body Confidence


A member of the Adrossan branch has alerted us to this campaign organised by Jo Swinson MP and Lynne Featherstone MP.  


The campaign pledges to ‘influence the fashion, beauty, diet, and media industries – and the government to:


-      ensure honesty and transparency in advertising,


-      promote diversity of body shapes and sizes used in magazines, advertising, broadcast and catwalk


-      introduce media literacy and body confidence education in school


-       give children positive examples of using their bodies by promoting active lifestyles and less sexualised imagery


We believe that the pressure to conform to impossible stereotypes is damaging our sense of well-being and leading to increasing unhappiness, anxiety, low self-esteem, depression and eating disorders in women, particularly amongst young people and children - and men’   


Information and forms can be found at Please take the time to support this campaign.


The campaign will feature in the May edition of the Mother’s Union Faith & Policy Watch.


By all working together we can make a difference.



Commissioning of Provincial President and Diocesan Trustees

Following the commissioning of Hilary Moran as our new Provincial President at the festival service on 13 February 2010 in St Mary’s Cathedral, the Rev’d Scott Robertson, MU Chaplain for Glasgow and Galloway commissioned the trustees of the Diocesan Mothers’ Union. With all the local members and visitors and friends from far and wide, it was a joyful occasion.  Full report of the event is available by clicking here...














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